sky blue background Pastor Eli in a light blue suit and a white and blue patterned shirt

Eli Palacios

Pastor Eli Palacios, has been in ministry for the last seven years and in public education for the last 17 years. He was raised in the Catholic church but as a queer kid he came to find this was a less than ideal environment for his own faith,  spiritual growth,...

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Rev. Dana Worsham

Rev. Dana Worsham came to St. Paul in February of 2019. She hails from a small town just north of Atlanta, Georgia called Snellville. Pastor Dana received her calling to become a minister at an early age. However, she faced hurdles to this calling after realizing she was gay at...

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Peter Lopez

An alumnus of Moody High School, Del Mar College and Texas A&M University, Peter is a Corpus Christi native and a classically trained singer. He owes a lot of who he is today to four amazing teachers and brilliant individuals; Vicki Rhodes Baker, Dr. Joe Long, John Boyer and Flicka...

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