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Beloved, we continue to keep our trans, non-binary, and gender non-confirming siblings lifted in prayer this week. 🙏🏼 We affirm today and always, that they are made in the image of God, filled with God’s purpose, and made for love on this Earth. — Recently, a tragic event took the life of 16-year-old Nex Benedict, a nonbinary youth from Oklahoma, who was brutally assaulted in a high school bathroom at Owasso High School. Nex succumbed to their injuries and passed away the following day, leaving the community and the nation in mourning. This senseless act of violence is not only a profound loss but a stark reminder of the dangers that hate and intolerance pose to our LGBTQ+ youth. In response to this heart-wrenching event, Pride Corpus Christi is organizing a vigil this Sunday evening at 7 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Church. Together, we can send a message of love, hope, and unity. If you are able, we invite you to join in this solemn occasion, to comfort one another, and to reaffirm our dedication to a future where every individual can live authentically and free from fear.


A great time watching Caleb shine in his performance in Godspell!


Good Morning! Join us today on this lovely Sunday. All are welcome! We are the EVERYBODY church. St. Paul United Church of Christ of Corpus Christi


Join St. Paul United Church of Christ of Corpus Christi tomorrow for our Ash Wednesday Events. 6:00PM - Dinner & Fellowship 🙏❤️ 7:00PM - Ash Wednesday Service ✝️ ALL are WELCOME! We are the EVERYBODY church. For more information visit: https://stpaulcorpuschristi.org/ ✝️ : INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT @stpaulucctx 👥 : FACEBOOK @stpaulucctx 🏷️ : POSTED TAGS #stpaulucctx #theeverybodychurch #corpuschristi #corpuschristitx #AshWednesday #openandaffirming #LGBTQIAAffirming #lgbtqia #southcentralucc #heartoftexasassociation #unitedchurchofchrist #UCC



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