Thinking about joining us for worship? Great! Here’s what you can expect…

First of all: No, the roof won’t collapse just because you walk in – no matter what anyone else may have told you. We get that a lot at St. Paul United Church of Christ. We specialize in “first-in-a-long-time-if-ever” church-goers. Take a deep breath…
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Worship at St. Paul United Church of Christ is something of a study in contrasts:

All Are Welcome

When we say “All are welcome,” we mean it: all. Straight, gay, richer, poorer, white, black, etc. That means you may see same-sex couples holding hands in the pews. Get over it. We have.

Jesus doesn’t reject anyone and neither do we. We welcome LGBT people to all levels of church life, including as members, deacons and pastors.

LGBTQIA+ Friendly

2023 St Paul Youth and Teen Car Wash -- Pastor Dana and Student Pastor Eli with youth --cleaned auction winner's car

Children & Community

Children are welcome. We believe children aren’t the future of the church; they’re the church RIGHT NOW. We also know they wiggle and laugh and drop things. No biggie. There’s even a special time just for kids in our service.

We won’t tell you who to vote for, but we are going to talk about real life and current events. And, btw, we do believe the cross leans to the left.


We celebrate the sacrament of communion every Sunday, and you are invited to share, if you want—whether you’ve been baptized or not. That table belongs to Jesus, not us, and Jesus is the one who invites you to “taste and see the goodness of God.” Also, we always use juice, out of respect for those living with addictions. Our communion always has a gluten-free option.

2023 St Paul Family Easter Egg Hunt for Youth and Children-- too many eggs!

Liturgical Worship

Our worship is liturgical, meaning we celebrate the seasons of the church year from Advent to Lent to Easter to Pentecost, but expect change. Embrace surprises. Pinwheels. A snapping turtle. A work project as a sermon. You just never know what you may find come Sunday.

2023 St Paul Easter Service - St Paul Choir

Music & Singing

We do a lot of singing. We are proud of our music ministry and under the leadership of our talented pianist, Paul, we welcome & encourage others to share their talents. Recognizing, “Unto the Lord, come & make a joyful noise”, all are welcomed.

St Paul UCC Pride partnership Pawrade 2023; Sister Lu Jonathan LGBTQIA+ families celebration

Casual & Welcoming Atmosphere

People will say hello. Find comfort in that & feel at home with our church family. We believe it’s possible to be serious about our faith and informal in our approach. No jacket necessary. Jeans are okay. You may spot a tattoo or two.

Meet Our Pastor

Feel more at home by getting to know our Pastor before your visit. Find out more about their journey and mission.

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Discover the various programs we offer, such as our community garden ministry, and see how you can get involved.

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