“God’s Will”

Published: 04/14/24

By: Angel Cantu

The struggle to ensure that one’s actions align with God’s will is deeply rooted in the complexities of human nature and the challenges of Christian based understanding. It involves navigating the tension between personal desires and divine guidance, often requiring self-analysis, prayer, and seeking wisdom from trusted sources.


One significant aspect of this struggle is the battle against selfishness and ego. Human beings are inherently flawed and susceptible to prioritizing their own interests and desires over God’s higher purpose. Overcoming this inclination involves surrendering one’s ego, acknowledging personal biases, and striving for humility in decision-making.


Another aspect of the struggle lies in discerning God’s voice amidst the noise of competing influences. In a world filled with distractions, conflicting philosophies and principles, and external pressures, it can be challenging to hear the still, small whispering voice of God. This requires cultivating a deep spiritual connection through prayer, meditation, and reflection, and developing sensitivity to God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit.

Moreover, the struggle to ensure actions are aligned with God’s will involves grappling with uncertainty and ambiguity. God’s plan may not always be immediately clear, and there may be times when His will seems elusive or difficult to comprehend. During such times, faith and trust become of utmost importance We as individuals lean on our relationship with God and His promises, even in the face of uncertainty.

Additionally, the struggle to follow God’s will often involves facing opposition and adversity. Choosing to live according to God’s principles may lead to resistance from others or encountering obstacles along the way. It requires resilience, perseverance, and courage to stay true to one’s convictions and continue walking in faith despite challenges.

Overall, the struggle to ensure actions are of God’s will is an ongoing journey characterized by self-examination, spiritual growth, and reliance on divine guidance. It requires a commitment to living with integrity, humility, and obedience, even amidst the complexities and uncertainties of life.